The Law Office of J. Ryan Cernero, P.L.L.C. offers a wide spectrum of civil litigation services to individuals, professionals, small businesses, and large companies alike. These include legal matters relating to first-party and third-party insurance coverage and defense, residential and commercial construction, fire, disaster, and catastrophe, business and commercial litigation, creditor’s rights, debt collection and recovery, health care, transportation and trucking, and other areas of civil litigation.




The Law Office of J. Ryan Cernero, P.L.L.C., through its experienced legal counsel and staff, capably represents its clients in legal matters and litigation at all levels of complexity, including complex, high exposure, and multi-party litigation.

While understanding that certain legal matters may only be resolved through the use of the judicial process, including trial and arbitration, the firm also assists its clients and their representatives in identifying opportunities whereby reasonable and timely settlements and other means of resolution may be effectuated in an effort to avoid unnecessary delays and to reduce litigation costs and expenses.

The Law Office of J. Ryan Cernero, P.L.L.C. recognizes the unique nature of its clients’ legal needs, goals, and objectives and it constantly strives to set the standard for client satisfaction. This has allowed the firm to establish and cultivate long-term business relationships with its clients.